The wardrobe transition from winter to summer

Spring is a glorious time in Austria – after enduring a long, cold, dark winter, the change is slow at first and then seems to happen all at once – birds tweet happily in the trees, buds burst open, everything turns green, the sun shines and the gloom disappears.

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Short Trips – Lignano – sun, sand… and german-speaking tourists

Being landlocked in Austria can sometimes give me a hint of cabin-fever, however it’s reassuring to know that if I really need to get to the coast for some salty, sea air, it’s only a couple of hours away… and as an added bonus… it’s in Italy.

The beautiful, but crowded, Lignano beach

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Wild Swimming – get those slimy fish away from me!

I am an avid swimmer. It is my favourite form of exercise, probably even my favourite form of forward motion. I can basically swim better than I can walk. Our local pool is only open from May to September, but at least we have one, so I spent my first summer smashing out laps there. Although the idea of lake swimming (or wild swimming, as it’s commonly referred) appealed, travelling to a lake just wasn’t as convenient at the time.

Ocean-ready... but yet not lake-ready
Ocean-ready… but yet not lake-ready

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Austrian Lakes – into the clear, deep blue

The beautiful Worthersee

The lakes of Austria are renowned worldwide for their beauty… and so they should be with their spectacular blue-green expanses, fresh, clean water and warm summer temperatures! Whether you’re sightseeing, swimming or just relaxing nearby, they’re a must-do for every Austrian summer. And it’s not all about swimming and sunbaking either – many of the lakes are set up like mini-recreation-parks, so even though you generally have to pay an entrance fee, you are paying for something. Continue reading

Summer storms in Austria – hot, wet and magnificent

Summer in Austrian is generally (when I say generally I mean, meant to be) mild: late 20s/early 30s. Last year was an exception (colder than normal) and this year also seems to be an exception (warmer than normal) but that’s beside the point for this post. Living amongst the mountains invariably equals summer storms – lots of them – and decent ones too. I love a good storm… I just don’t love being out in it. But when you’re safe inside and the storm isn’t wreaking havoc on you, or any surrounding villages, they’re super impressive and strikingly beautiful. So here’s a few of my random thoughts on Austrian summer storms. Continue reading

10 Things to do in Wolfsberg in Summer

There is some beautiful scenery in the area

Hanging in a small town of less than 26,000 people, 45 minutes away from a decent-sized city… boring, you might say. Who would come and stay here? Well, for those of you who don’t mind a bit of a rural retreat, I’ve put together a list of ten things you can do in Wolfsberg in summer, all of which could be done without access to a car (though a bike might come in handy for a couple of them. Seriously, this town is a gem!  Continue reading

Foraging – it’s kind of like living inside a giant banquet

I grew up with a large backyard in suburban Melbourne and a Dad with a passion for fruit and vegies. As a youngster, it was quite common for me to go and collect my dinner straight from the garden, or grab a piece of fruit from the tree on the way to school. Then there was the time I started selling my parents vegetables back to them at a price… but that’s a completely different story.

Corn... but only for the animals
Corn… but only for the animals

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The weather in summer – it’s a bit like Melbourne

I was really looking forward to summer 2014. Having arrived back in Australia the previous August, I had almost just gone through two winters, the Austrian one being a lot colder than anything I’d previously experienced. It started warming up around March, albeit slowly and we made plans for all the holidays and short trips we would take during summer. We live right in the mountains, among the lakes so there is plenty of hiking to be done, lakes to relax around and small, out-of-the-way places to stay.

It started raining not long after this picture was taken
It started raining not long after this picture was taken

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