Green Thumbs – Part 2 – The Growing

gardeningHeading into the start of summer, low and behold, all (ok, most of) the seeds I’d planted sprouted small green leaves. The radishes were thriving so naturally I planted plenty more – so proud. The fail of part 1 became a distant memory.

5 pumpkins and 4 zucchinis emerged, and while I was fully aware that I’d planted too many, I couldn’t quite bear to pull them out. What if some died later? The better idea, I thought, would be to keep them.

Might rethink that next year. What on earth can we do with 60+ zucchinis?

Even though we have a moderately large garden patch, it is not enough for 4 zucchinis and 5 pumpkins, plus extras. Especially when a 6th pumpkin starts growing on its own in the compost area and a 7th comes lurching over the fence.

gardening radish
So proud of my mutant radishes

One day the cucumbers were the cutest, tiniest waving green plants, and the next, they morphed into a jungle of rabid, sprawling vines that pretty much did what they liked. I have no idea how many I planted in the end. Too many, I guess!

I’d heard that tomatoes like having basil nearby, so I planted a sweet little basil plant in the middle of the four tomatoes. Not sure whether that is the reason, but those tomatoes went absolutely nuts! Where is that basil now, you ask? I have no idea. Hidden somewhere under a dense scrub of crazy tomatoes. And that is after one of the tomatoes died. The other thing I’d heard was that tomatoes have to be planted under cover, because they don’t like direct rain. My tomatoes will just have to suck it up, I said. And sucking it up they are, the tough, crazy bastards.

My transplanting was only mildly successful. The two beans I moved out from under the monster tomatoes basically rolled over and died, whereas the broccoli took it like a man! The snow peas, which I was quite confident in, didn’t do so well, and next year I’ll have to rethink my string and stake idea… not sure it was the best solution.

The herbs at the front of the garden went absolutely nuts, which is to be expected, and I was constantly digging out mint so it wouldn’t encroach on my precious radishes. The capsicums were slow to start, and even slower to grow. I’m still not sure if they’ll have a chance to yield something before the tomatoes take over.

Surprisingly the corn is looking good, and the broccoli is finally starting to develop small broccoli hearts. The beetroot seems to be growing long and skinny like a carrot rather than short and fat… at some point I’m just going to dig one out and give it a try!

The plants are growing. We are learning. I’ve started a spreadsheet for next year. Enough said.


4 thoughts on “Green Thumbs – Part 2 – The Growing

  1. Rosie August 20, 2017 / 7:20 am

    Wow- that’s quite a turnaround from the green thumb disasters of your previous post! I’m hoping to be able to grow herbs and smaller vegetables in pots when I move house, as the garden is just big enough to accommodate that. I guess you have to have friends/neighbours who like courgette, pumpkins and tomatoes! Or just batch cook them into soups and freeze them for later…

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