Creating the perfect trip = attempting the impossible

Before we went to Australia on our most recent holiday, I made a lot of lists. I like making lists. Lists of friends I wanted to see, things I wanted to do, food I wanted to eat, places I wanted to visit, food I wanted to buy and bring back… the list(s) goes on.

You see, what I was doing, was trying to organise the perfect trip home.

Australia sunset beach walk
Perfect sunset beach walks with the Captain

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Longer Trips – Australia – and suddenly it feels like a holiday

sunset australia mornington beach

I’ve been back to Australia three times since moving to Austria, but it wasn’t until the most recent trip that it actually felt like a holiday.

The first time, triggered by an expiring plane ticket, was spent madly running around, organising documents, throwing stuff out and working out exactly what I would need in Austria for the next x number of months/years (under 30kg). The second time was our wedding, which, while it was perfect, involved quite a lot of time-consuming organisation which I could only do once I arrived in the country.

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Homeward bound – the push and pull of ‘the new’ over ‘the familiar’

Backpack flying home
Can’t wait to be carrying my trusty old backpack round again!

The lead-up to any holiday is exciting, the lead-up to a trip home when you live overseas is something else entirely.

On one hand, you’re super excited to be heading back into familiar territory, to have the chance to talk properly to people who have known you your whole life and understand your subtle nuances … and just the opportunity, to put it simply… to feel less isolated.

On the other hand, you’re just going home. You’ve been there before – many times. You grew up there. It can hardly be called a holiday, right?

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10 Practical things to consider before moving overseas

The day before I left
The day before I left

Moving overseas is an adventure! But it is also a lengthy and difficult experience, and along with all the emotional ups and downs, there are plenty of annoyances and bureaucratic processes that you have to deal with, usually when you least expect them or have time to deal with them. This post might not be much fun, but if you want an idea of some of the more practical things you should try to do before you leave your home country, keep reading.

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Longer Trips – Australia – I come from a land down under

My recent trip to Australia for our wedding almost felt more like a working holiday than an actual holiday, due to the large amounts of somewhat boring (though essential) tasks that had to be undertaken, interspersed with crazy, emotional drinking sessions.

Like my hen’s night… which was awesome, and resulted in an almost-zero hangover… for me anyway

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Top 10 Tips for organising a wedding – from overseas

Organising a wedding, as many know, is never a simple process. Regardless of how simply you imagine it in your head, there’s always hiccups, last-minute dramas and unexpected outcomes. And then there’s organising a wedding from outside the country… where you have to rely on the internet and other people’s help to get anything done. So, following my experience, here’s my top 10 tips for organising an overseas wedding.

Wedding overseas
It’s awesome – but it’s an organisational nightmare

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How did I get here? The love story.

One common question people ask me when they discover I’m an Aussie living in a small Austrian town is: “How did you end up here?”

And the answer is, of course, a love story.

Ahhhhhh… (vomit)

Right? Who wants to read the story about the girl that travelled the world and met her soulmate along the way?

Because it’s bullshit, right?

But then it happened to me.

Me, a couple of days before, completely unaware my lift was about to change
Me, a couple of days before, completely unaware my lift was about to change

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